What is Project Bulldog


Following in the footsteps of such highly successful public art exhibitions as

“Cow Parade” and “Painted Ponies,” Hewlett-Woodmere is planning an unprecedented

celebration in honor of the school district’s beloved bulldog mascot. The goal of Project

Bulldog is to foster creativity among local artists (particularly student artists), while

providing valuable exposure to retailers and family sponsors as well as a fun, spirited

experience for the entire community.

The program first began taking shape last summer when the bulldog icon was sculpted

into a life size, three-dimensional creation. Once this process was completed, a master

mold was built so that reproductions of the original sculpture could be produced.

Beginning this month, the first batch of newly casted bulldog statues will be individually

designed, painted and decorated by volunteering members of Hewlett High School’s art

program, art faculty as well as local area and noted alumni artists.

“This unique collaboration benefits the arts, our students, local merchants, residents and

the community as a whole, says Dr. Les M. Omotani, Superintendent. I love the

Project Bulldog concept, applaud its initiative and look forward to the positive impact it

is poised to generate.”

In the coming months, the completed bulldogs will begin appearing in local stores and

public venues around town. Prior to the conclusion of the school year, a live auction will

permit interested parties to bid on and potentially own a one-of-a-kind Hewlett bulldog.

Project Bulldog is the brainchild of Ira Friedman, a long-time area resident and Hewlett

High School graduate. Friedman’s idea garnered the interest and involvement of Jessica

Bayer, District Art Chairperson. Together they have been working behind the scenes and

developing the program for introduction this fall. Project Bulldog has also captured the

attention and support of the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools Endowment Fund. All

donations pledged to the project qualify as charitable contributions for tax purposes.

For sponsorship information and further details, contact Ira Friedman at (516) 375-0842;

email: ifpower1@aol.com.